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Build your list of ideal customers for cold outreach.

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Businesses And Executives Directory allows you to search for contacts among millions of businesses. Find emails, phones, and other information about your ideal customers.

Pricing Plans

Pay as you go with monthly metered usage billing.

Startup Tier

$0.2 $0.15 / business
  • For the first 10 records
  • CSV/XLSX/JSON export
  • Advanced filters

Business Tier

$0.2 $0.1 / business
  • From 10 to 1,000 records
  • CSV/XLSX/JSON export
  • Advanced filters

Enterprise Tier

$0.02 $0.01 / business
  • After 1,000 records
  • CSV/XLSX/JSON export
  • Advanced filters
Money-Back Guarantee
We offer a full refund within 3 days after the purchase in case Targetron's solutions didn't work for you.
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Data Dictionary

Columns names and descriptions.

  • name - business name
  • industry - business primary category (restaurants, hotels, etc.)
  • country - alpha‑2 country code (US, DE, UA, etc.)
  • state - location state (NY, etc.)
  • city - location city
  • county - location county
  • address - location full address
  • postal_code - location postal code
  • sic - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code
  • employees - number of employees
  • sales - estimated sales
  • founded - year founded
  • alexa_ranking - alexa ranking
  • phone - business phone
  • domain - business website
  • linkedin - linkedin profile page
  • facebook - facebook profile page
  • twitter - twitter profile page
  • contact_email - contact email address
  • contact_phone - contact phone number
  • contact_name - contact full name
  • contact_title - contact title

Clients Reviews


Desi Saran

Founder & CEO @Sweetberry

This is great for marketers

I setup this up and got it running within 15 min. The system was really easy to use in terms of finding and prospecting the types of businesses I was looking for. I think this is a no brainer for any marketer.


Smart Marketing Group `

Exactly What I Was Looking For

Very easy to use and navigate. Information seems all up to date, and from what I can tell, if the data field is there on a GBP you can use Targetron to filter it. I've used many other tools in the past but this wins hands down for both price and usability.


Company Owner

I started a new business 6 months ago and was concerned that new business data would not be included in the data, to my surprise it was! So far so good.

After i activated my account, i figured the monthly credit would renew 30 days later, i waited a few weeks before i exported my first list, my 30 day credit renewal started at the time i exported the list, i wish i would have known that, now i have to wait 30 more days to get more data, i figured i would have only been another week away from new data as thats when i set my account up.

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