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How to Create a Local Business Directory Website?

Two main things are required to set up a local business directory website: a good website builder and a company database.

WordPress, Bubble, and Webflow are no-code website builders that offer templates to create a business directory. WordPress excels in this regard. Dozens of different templates have been developed to create business directories.

These templates can be designed for various niches, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and spa centers. It is possible to find the most suitable tool and template for the targeted niche among these options.

The other main thing is to find the data of local companies to add to this directory website. Although it is possible to find these data from different sources manually, it is not easy to download as a database.

Where to Find Location Data for the Directory?

Yellow pages, Google Maps, and government sites that post local company listings are good places to find this data. It is possible to find the shops sought from here. For example, restaurants. The address and telephone information of most of the restaurants can be found in these resources.

But there is a difficult situation. How possible is it to manually get data such as addresses and phone numbers of tens or even hundreds of restaurants and add them to the website builder?

There is a need for a solution that can list all restaurants with a certain categorization and export them as a database. Targetron provides this solution.

How to Do It With Targetron?

Targetron’s database of local businesses has more than 400,000 listings for restaurants in the United States alone. It allows you to export databases for all countries of the world without staying with the USA.

Database of Local Businesses

Before exporting the data, it is possible to see the list of restaurants and data preview on the site. The exported dataset can be in CSV/XLSX/JSON/Parquet file formats. Thus, it is possible to import/upload in that file format, whichever is appropriate for the website builder.

File Formats of Database

Dataset contains more than 45 datasets. Name, type, phone number, email, website, and full address are among these data. When creating a local business directory, you can keep any of these data as appropriate and clear the rest from the dataset.

Exported Companies Database for Business Directory Website

It is easy to edit the data exported from Targetron with Google Sheets or Excel. Targetron makes your job easier at every point. If you want to set up a directory, you can now create a dataset with Targetron for the niche you want and export it. Select category and location, filter and export. That’s all.


Most frequent questions and answers

To make a local business directory, you need to start by making a list of businesses in your area. Then, build a website or use a platform to show the directory. Targetron can help you to collect all company details in selected area.

A business directory webpage is a website that lists local businesses and provides information about them, such as their contact information, location, and services offered. 

Such a website can be established by exporting local companies information from Targetron.

An online local business directory is a website or platform that lists businesses in a specific geographic area, typically organized by category or location. Online local business directories allow users to search for and browse businesses in their local community, and may provide information such as the business’s contact information, location, and services offered. Anyone who wants to set up a local business directory can create a database using Targetron services.

If no-code services are selected as the website builder and Targetron service is preferred for the directory database, a directory website can be created with minimum fees. All cost will be with hosting and database fees.