Is There a Business Left Without a Website?

Most companies in the business world have websites. Although the internet has become an ever-present part of modern life, many companies still don’t have a site. Official numbers show that 41% of all Dutch businesses do not have a website which, to be honest, is hard to believe. This is true not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world.

The internet has changed the way we live our lives and has had a profound impact on the way we do business. Having no website is creating serious disadvantage on market. The lack of a website for these businesses is a disadvantage for them, but it also presents an opportunity for another line of business. This potential business opportunity is for web design agencies.

An agency that can identify businesses that do not have a website in the local or global market may have many new customers. The only obstacle to reaching these new customers is being able to identify businesses that do not have a website.

Finding Companies Without Website

It’s hard to find companies that don’t have a website. There isn’t much of a way to find it. For this reason, web design agencies do not force too much to find businesses that do not have a website. Instead, they try to get some customers with content marketing and ads strategies.

Targetron is breaking ground on the challenge of identifying businesses without a website. Targetron’s database, which contains more than 25 million business records, is constantly updated. It is regularly enriched from multiple sources. These data sources also include information about whether the business has a web page.

It is possible to filter Targetron’s database with various operators. Website Ownership Filter is one of them. Thanks to these filtering options it is possible to export the list of businesses without websites.

Website Ownership Filtering

Targetron is very easy to use. Simply select a category, country and state/city. And a filter if required. Targetron quickly shows how many businesses are in target.

Usage of Targetron

Targetron shows how many business records can be exported with such a text: “Found about 857 results. You can export the data by clicking the “Export Results” button and selecting the amount you need.” 

The entire list shown here does not have to be exported. Targetron users have the right to export as many records as it wants.

Export Results

It is sufficient to fill in the quantity box and press the checkout button to specify how much result will be exported. Targetron charges as much as the quantity of the results.

Sample Result File

The exported result file contains the company’s phone number, full address and many different detailed information. Of course, since it is said not to show businesses that do not have a website, there is no business website and email address details in any of the records.

The sample search can be checked and exported from here: HVAC Contractors on New York Without Website

Company List Is OK. But How Can You Reach Them?

Thanks to Targetron, you have the information of all businesses that do not have a website. Especially phone numbers. Well now the question is: How can you reach these businesses?

If companies are near you, a door visit always speeds things up. But now the world is changing. Everyone works remotely. In fact, people are selling services from other countries without ever coming face to face.

Therefore, it would be best to offer your web design service using the most valuable data you have, the phone numbers of the businesses.

Although making calls within the same country is easy, making an international call is expensive and difficult. 

Here the solution comes from Microsoft’s Skype service. Skype allows you to make international calls at very affordable rates. So you can sell web design service to the United States by calling North America from any place on the world.

Skype Credits to Make International Calls

Microsoft Skype sells packages for certain regions for a small fee. Hundreds of minutes of calls are possible for just $5. Therefore, it offers you a great service that will work for you: Skype Number

Get Your Marketing Number From Any Country

Thanks to Skype Number, you can get a local phone number of the country your potential clients are in. Thus, the probability of establishing a reliable trade increases. All customers want to do business with people they can easily reach from their own countries.

So you can easily market your web design service to the United States, even if you live in Europe. You have a list of potential customers and you have the tools to reach them. Now is the time to get started. It’s your turn now.

It's Your Turn Now

Targetron is ready to use at affordable pricing with all different filtering options. Try now and find your new clients.