Find and Export Restaurants Data in New York Using Targetron

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Targeting specific restaurants for your lead generation and marketing efforts is daunting if you do it manually. Still, with Targetron’s comprehensive data, you can save time and energy finding a specific list of restaurants in the United States.

Targetron will provide you with the correct and accurate data, which is way better than your usual strategies for finding data online using free tools. A common way of finding restaurant data, for example, you need at least 1000 restaurants in New York City, is to use a search engine.

Now that you know what to find online to help you in your lead generation strategies, you will start searching the specific keywords on Google, and guess what? They will provide you with generic results on your query. The search engine will supply the list without the particular information you want from your restaurant query.

Restaurant Data

Suppose you’re a marketing agent, restaurant supplier, or any businessman connected with the restaurant industry. In that case, the search results will not provide any value, and you will be lost in your purpose of getting some leads and sales. With Targetron’s B2B Local Leads Directory website, your search will be worthwhile, and you can save lots of time to be more productive in other aspects of your business.

This article will provide a tutorial on navigating the Targetron website and impart essential insights into lead generation and marketing strategies. We will be focusing on a specific restaurant query in New York.

Did you know that New York City is one of the world’s culinary capitals, being the home to 13 top restaurants in the world according to the 2023 TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice? The City features an incredibly diverse and vibrant food scene; it is home to a wide range of international cuisines and is managed by world-renowned chefs.

Targeting a specific list of restaurants in the United States for your lead generation and marketing efforts involves several steps, and gathering the correct data is crucial for the success of these efforts. At Targetron, we will give you insights about solving your query and educate you on the importance of accurate data.

Understanding the Importance of Accurate Data

1. Precision in Marketing: Accurate data from Targetron ensures your marketing efforts are directed precisely to answer your query, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.
2. Resource Optimization: Correct data allows for efficient use of resources, ensuring time and money are well spent on lead generation and marketing efforts.
3. Building Relationships: Accurate information helps build trust and a lasting relationship.
4. Market Analysis: Correct data aids in understanding the market position of the restaurant you are searching for, including its competitors, feedback, customer base, and unique selling points.

Steps to Follow in Using Lead Generation Provider in Searching for US Restaurants

1. Identify the Lead Generation or Marketing Data Provider: Start by identifying companies that specialize in providing business data. Companies like Targetron have extensive databases of business listings, including restaurants.
2. Access the Targetron Database: You only need an email address and a verified member’s account to access the database.
3. Utilize Search Filters: Use the search filters to narrow your list after accessing the database.
4. Use Advance Filters: If the standard search options don’t meet your needs.
5. Evaluate and Export Data: After carefully evaluating the needed data, you can now export your data and download the files.
6. Comply with Privacy Laws: When using the data, ensure that you comply with relevant laws if you plan to utilize the information for marketing purposes.
7. Subscribe to Regular Updates: Restaurant data can change frequently, so consider subscribing to regular updates to keep your list current.
8. Data Integration with your System: Once you have the data, consider how it can integrate with your existing systems; for example, it can be easily imported into your marketing automation or email marketing platform.

Tutorials on How to Find & Export 1000 Restaurants in New York

US Restaurants

1. Make sure your account is verified and you have enough balance. On your profile, click the Business Directory at the upper left-hand corner of the app.

2. A new tab will pop up, and you can now enter “Restaurant” in the Category field.

3. Select Country in the drop-down menu and look for the United States, followed by the States and the City

4. Click the Search button, which will give you the results. A total of 6,025 restaurants are on Targetron’s database.

5. You can export the results or use the Advanced Filter options for more specific results. The Advance Filters option will be discussed in a separate comprehensive tutorial.

7. After clicking the Export Results button, a pop-up will appear for more options like the type of File you want to download. The estimated cost will also be visible. You can download the Demo first to know the data you will receive from Targetron.
8. You can now click the Checkout button and confirm your download. In this Demo, I tried to download the data using CSV and XLSX file types and received the File smoothly.
There’s also a bonus for Targetron customers as they allow the download link to be shared with your team members, but the link will expire at a determined date.

9. This is the data downloaded from Targetron. I manually added some filters by choosing only Japanese restaurants in New York City, and I was satisfied with the results.

How to Use Targetron's Restaurant Data in Your Business?

1. Research the Restaurant: Understand their business model, restaurant type, menu offerings, customer demographics, and market positioning. Visit their website and social media profiles and review sites to gather insights.
2. Identify Key Decision-Makers: With the data provided by Targetron, you can find out the decision-makers of a specific restaurant.
3. Gather Contact Information: Collect email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles.
4. Analyze the Restaurants’ Needs and Pain Points: Determine what challenges the restaurant faces that your product or service can address. With Targetron’s data, you can consider factors like size, location, customer base, and competition.
5. Develop a Tailored Marketing Strategy: Create a marketing plan that speaks directly to the restaurant’s needs. Use targeted messaging in your marketing materials to address their specific challenges and how your service can help.
6. Follow-Up and Build Relationships: Regularly follow up to stay on top of their mind. Offer value through industry insights, helpful tips, or other resources.
7. Use CRM Tools: Implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to track interactions, preferences, and feedback. This aids in refining your approach based on their responses and behavior.
8. Monitor and Adapt: Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Be ready to adapt your strategy based on feedback and the changing needs of the restaurant.


Accurate and detailed data is the foundation of successful targeted marketing and lead generation using online tools such as Targetron’s B2B Local Leads Directory service.

By thoroughly understanding the specific needs of a restaurant business and the services somebody could offer to that particular restaurant, you will increase the likelihood of generating meaningful leads and establishing a fruitful business relationship.

Personalized and well-informed marketing efforts are often the most effective lead generation and sales tools. With the help of Targetron’s comprehensive, updated, and targeted data, you will get considerable value for your time and effort and improve your savings just by investing with Targetron.