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Finding Local Businesses and Leads

There are several ways to find a local business lead. First, the sources where public data are presented are examined. Business website and social media accounts are the first way that comes to mind. There is a high probability of finding a lead here, but if there is a long business list, dealing with all of them is a serious challenge.

If a lead is sought for a single business, it can be afforded to spend time on it, but if a lead list is to be created, it takes a lot of effort. If you are doing a business where you target local businesses, there are steps to create a lead list.

The first step in finding local business leads is to first identify the businesses in the targeted category. Thus, all businesses in the selected category and location are found and the leads of these businesses are searched.

To find local businesses, you can check resources that allow you to search by category and location. For example, Google Maps shows the phone number, address, and website of a business. However, it doesn’t provide the email address or contact name. To get a lead list, you need to use a service like Targetron which has more detailed data.

Targetron for Local Leads

With Targetron, you can find local business leads from different parts of the world. These leads are organized by category and location, making it easy to search for businesses in a specific area. Simply select the category and location, and you’ll see a preview of the company information and leads.

HVAC Contractors Company Data and Leads Preview on Targetron

Local Business Leads List

There are more than 40 data columns about the business in the lead list exported from Targetron. Phone number, full address, website, 3 email addresses, if any, and contact information are the main ones. Sample lead list includes lead and company data of HVAC Contractors located in San Jose, California.

Local Business Leads List Exported From Targetron

When you find contacts with listed email addresses, you can also get their job title and full name in the exported file. This allows you to address them by their proper title and name, making it easier to communicate for sales purposes.

Find Local Business Leads on Targetron Now

Before exporting leads from Targetron, you can preview company data and lead data according to categories and locations. The data is shown as digitized and is revealed when you export it. Now browse the Targetron B2B Local Leads Directory and find leads for your business.


Most frequent questions and answers

There are not many resources for small business leads. The easiest way to find such businesses is to use Google Maps and local yellow pages sites. But these sites usually do not have contact lead data. Manages the business website. It is necessary to visit business websites and scan different channels to find contact information. This takes a long process. Targetron offers an innovative solution in this regard. It allows you to easily find and export small business leads with B2B Local Leads Directory service.

Business leads can be found through a company’s website, social media accounts, public resources such as Google Maps, or online services like Targetron’s B2B Local Leads Directory. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. If a quick solution is desired, the Targetron B2B Local Leads Directory service will give you what you want.

It is the easiest solution to export a lead list from ready databases to find leads quickly. Targetron B2B Local Leads Directory is a database with local companies’ data and lead information. It is very fast to export and download the lead list according to the selected region and category.