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Is It Possible to Find New Local Companies?

As a classic answer, yes it is possible. But these newly opened companies are very difficult to find and detect. Because there is no global or national source where newly started businesses are listed. Some local governments publish new businesses in that region on a monthly or weekly basis. But this is only for a very limited area.

There was no solution where you could find newly established or starting businesses. Until Targetron. Targetron followed a very different path in this regard and produced a solution for users.

Local companies have a strategy. When they become operational, they register their companies on Google Maps for visibility and accessibility to the public in the area.

This strategy makes a good point for people looking for startups. If a business just registers on Google Maps you can detect them manually. And you’ll have a great list of new companies. Unfortunately, It is not possible to do this directly in Google Maps. Google Maps does not allow such search or filtering.

So what can you do? This is where Targetron comes into play. Targetron regularly scans Google Maps and keeps its database up to date.

If a new business is registered in the searched category during these regular Google Maps scannings, Targetron will find it and it records the business in its database with the scan date. 

This is big news. A database where we can find newly registered companies is very valuable. Why? Because it has a lot of potential job opportunities.

Why is It Important to Find New Businesses?

A new business has many needs. Business cards, brochures, website, office supplies and more. That’s why many companies selling products and services go after newly opened businesses. They know that they have the potential to do a lot of business with them.

Imagine you are a web design agency. A local business is joining the game. It registers on Google Maps and will start the competition. Suppose you go to him with an offer like this: Good luck with your new workplace. You have many competitors around you, but I am sure you will be successful too. All your competitors have websites, so we, as X Web Design Agency, would like to offer you a website design so that you will not fall behind them. Offer details are as follows. Say what?

Rest assured, the success rate will be very high. Many Targetron users were able to find new customers thanks to the “Added From” filtering capability. This is one of the most different use-cases about Targetron. Let’s take a look at how you can find your potential clients with Targetron.

How to Find Newly Registered Companies With Targetron?

We mentioned that Targetron regularly scans the sources it provides data from and adds the data it collects from these to the database with the date it was added. Usually it is sufficient to use the “Added From” filter in Targetron. However, for various reasons, adding the “Reviews” filter to the search in addition to this filter will give precise results.

Filters to Find Only New Companies

New businesses usually don’t have any reviews. Using this information, it is more possible to obtain the desired result with the selected parameter. So we will select “No reviews” filter also to get better results. Targetron will show all new businesses in the desired region and category.

Newly Registered Companies Database

The exported dataset has more than 40 data columns. Address, phone number, business name and type are the main ones. Since these businesses are newly opened, many of them may have incomplete information. There are many that are missing phone numbers and websites. But almost all of them have full address information.

On this occasion, we can say that these addresses and phone numbers are the best way to reach new businesses. Providing services for newly registered companies is a great opportunity for agencies for direct mail marketing and telemarketing. If you are an agency that helps new businesses with services, try Targetron now. 


Most frequent questions and answers

This is very difficult to do, but Targetron makes it possible. Targetron detects all newly opened businesses by scanning data sources regularly and presents them to you. You can use Targetron to find Company that just started.

Targetron is a service where you can find the data of all local businesses. You can find these companies, filter them and export datasets. One of the most valuable features of Targetron is advanced filtering. You can find new businesses near you at Targetron using the “Added from” filter.

With Targetron, you can find all local companies. You can list and download the data of these local businesses. It is possible to find all businesses in any city from any country in the world with Targetron.

With Targetron, it is very easy to find any business in a particular area. You just have to choose the category and location. Targetron will list all businesses from selected area.

It is easy to find list of small businesses with Targetron. Targetron lists all small businesses in the selected region and allows you to download them. Just choose the category and location. The list will be ready for you.