Finding Companies With Bad Ratings

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Introduction to Finding Companies with Bad Ratings

Finding companies with bad ratings in the United States requires a combination of resources such as checking business review sites, consumer reports, social media and forums, financial news websites, government agencies, Glassdoor, and legal records.

Online reputation and management are very important in any company, and using tools such as the one provided by Targetron can add more value to your lead-generation strategies. Finding companies with bad ratings requires some manual tasks, but with Targetron’s automated system, you can save time and money in the process.

Following some steps manually and without using B2B lead generation tools will cost you a lot of time and money because you will have to visit and check each of the suggestions mentioned earlier.

To find companies with bad ratings, you can manually visit review sites such as Better Business Bureau(BBB), Trustpilot, and Yelp, which allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for businesses. You can also check Consumer Reports. This is a non-profit organization that evaluates the quality and safety of products and services through rigorous testing and consumer feedback.

Another strategy to find companies with bad ratings is by using social media and forums and manually visiting companies’ social media pages to check for feedback and complaints. Forums sites like Reddit also have communities where users share experiences with companies. You can also use financial news websites like Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission and the state consumer protection office.

Companies’ legal records could also help in determining their reputation, and the website Glassdoor also offers insights from employees about their work experiences at various companies. Using a combination of these resources can help you identify companies with bad ratings in the United States.

General Statistics About Company’s Reputation

  1. According to Search Engine Journal, about 96% of customers look for negative reviews and tend to avoid businesses with a bad reputation online.
  2. Based on a study conducted by Status Labs, 70% of job seekers are willing to reject job offers from companies perceived negatively, even if they are unemployed.
  3. According to The Online Reputation and Wikipedia Blog, an estimated 39% of customers only trust brands they’ve interacted with on social media.
  4. 91%  use video as a marketing tool, maintaining an all-time high since the company Wyzowl started tracking this data in 2016.
  5. A positive or negative Wikipedia entry can bolster or harm a company’s public perception due to its high visibility and trust, impacting its reputation.

Online Reputation Management for Local Companies

Reputation is on the agenda of small businesses as well as large ones. With the widespread adoption of the internet, it became possible to locate and review local businesses using services like business directories and Google Maps.

When customers decide the coffee shop, restaurant, telephone repairer, or plumber they will choose according to the reviews of the business, online reputation management has become crucial for local companies.

Therefore, online reputation management agencies have begun offering services to local companies to manage their online reputation, eliminate negative reviews, and increase positive ones. This raises an important question for agencies how can they find companies with bad ratings? So, how will they find their potential clients?

How Can You Find Companies With Low Ratings?

A business’s rating and reviews can be viewed on yellow pages, local business directory and map services. Each country has its own special and popular services in this regard. But the most seen and searched place for a local company all over the world is Google Maps.

Google Maps is a huge database, especially for local companies. It would be wise for online reputation management agencies to take advantage of this large database as well. Google Maps displays the ratings of all local businesses in the area on the map and in the list.

Finding Local Companies With Rating via Google Maps

But the problem is, it doesn’t let you see the businesses under a certain rating while listing the businesses. It only provides the option to show the businesses with the “at least” operator. In this way, you can filter by saying show businesses with at least 2 stars and at least three star ratings.

Google Maps Rating Filter

With this kind of filtering, it is of course very difficult to create a list of potential customers with bad ratings. It takes a long time to look at them one by one and add them to the list. There is also the challenge of collecting contact information to reach these companies.

There are two problems here. The first is identifying and listing businesses with low ratings. The second is finding the email address and contact information of these businesses in order to offer them online reputation management services. But the good news is that Targetron solves both of these pain points.

How to Do It With Targetron Easily?

Targetron has a large database with data from Google Maps and other sources. It is very easy to find all local businesses in any state and city with it. Just need to select location and category. Thus, it is possible to reach the business and rating data on Google Maps with Targetron. In addition to Google Maps, it is possible to filter these data in Targetron. This solves the first problem.

Advanced Filtering On Targetron

“Business Status, Rating, Reviews Count and Website” filters are available at Targetron. It is possible to narrow the search by using the “Greater or equal” and “Less or equal” operators in the rating filter. Only businesses with low ratings can be listed by selecting the “3.0- Less or equal” filter.

Thanks to these filtering capabilities at Targetron, the online reputation management agency can quickly find potential clients and offer their services to them.

The list is ok. Email and contact information remain as the second pain point. Targetron enriches its database by finding e-mail and contact information of businesses by using social media accounts and many other resources, especially the websites of the businesses.

Targetron contains email, full name, and title information for many businesses in the database. And social media accounts. Targetron makes it easier for agencies to transmit their offers by hosting this data, in addition to the full address and phone number data it has for businesses.

In this way, the second pain point of agencies in the online reputation management business who want to find potential clients are also solved. They have a list of local companies with low ratings and their contact information.

Exported Low Rated Companies

It remains only to reach with cold outreach. Targetron offers business opportunities for agencies in different businesses with many different use case scenarios. You can use Targetron now to find your own potential clients.


A strategic and professional approach to online reputation management, added with the much-needed tools from Targetron for automation, can bolster a company’s image, attract more customers, and even enhance the company’s hiring capabilities.

Effective online reputation management (ORM) is not just about mitigating the risks of negative feedback; it’s about actively cultivating a positive digital presence that aligns with your brand values and echoes with your target audience.

Through Targetron’s reliable tools for discovering bad reputations online and adopting a proactive approach to ORM, businesses can enhance their reputations, foster trust with their customers, and ultimately drive success in the physical or digital marketplace.


Most frequent questions and answers

Thanks to its advanced filtering capabilities, Targetron allows you to list and export only the bad-rated businesses in its local companies directory.

If a bad review is made that violates the rules, these reviews can be deleted by contacting the administrators on the platform where the review is located. Online reputation management agencies provide services for this review removal process.

Online reputation management agencies can use Targetron to locate businesses that have received negative ratings or reviews. By identifying these companies, the agency can then work with them to address any issues or concerns raised in the reviews and improve their overall online reputation

If a negative review is posted that goes against the guidelines of the platform, it can be removed by reaching out to the platform’s administrators. Companies that specialize in managing a business’s online reputation, known as online reputation management agencies, can assist with this process of removing the review. 

Online reputation management agencies can use Targetron to find companies with bad ratings and reviews.