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Where Can You Find the Locations of Chain Stores?

There are many brands and companies with hundreds of stores. It is a big problem to find all the branches of these companies as a list. Many researchers, business analysts, and marketers want to reach these data for different reasons. Sometimes, companies share information about their chain stores on their own websites, but sometimes it is not possible to access this information.

For example, Starbucks. Starbucks has its own store locator service on its website. It lets you check all stores from there. Let’s look at Starbucks’ branches in Santa Barbara.

Starbucks Stores in Santa Barbara

Using the store locator, you can see all the Starbucks stores located in and around Santa Barbara. But it is not possible to export the list of these branches somehow. A list can be made manually with copy and paste. This takes a huge amount of time and effort. In this case, a different way should be followed.

How to Export the List of These Locations?​

If a brand displays the list of its branches on its website, like Starbucks does, it is possible to create a list simply by copying and pasting the information. However, not all companies make this information readily available on their websites. 

In these cases, people looking to compile a list of branches may turn to services like Targetron, which offers a directory of branches for brands with chain stores. With Targetron, it is possible to search for branches in any country or city using a few filters, and to export the entire list of results. For example, you could use Targetron to find all the branches in Santa Barbara, just as you could with Starbucks.

How to Do It With Targetron?

Targetron allows easy category and city selection for company search. Starbucks is listed in the coffee shop category. When the coffee shop category is selected, other shops and brands will also be listed. So we will use the “Business name” filter. And we will filter the list by the name “Starbucks”.

Business Name Filter

We have the whole list. Targetron also shows how many branches there are. Currently, there are 14 branches on Santa Barbara. Click on the “Export results” button to download the entire list.

Starbucks Stores List in Targetron

Exported list contains all the information of 14 Starbucks branches in Santa Barbara. The list contains more than 45 data columns of these branches. Targetron makes it super easy to create such lists and datasets. And all data is up to date.

Exported Stores List

Select the location, set the category and name and export the list. It’s that simple. One of the most beautiful aspects is the ability to export one by one and region by region. There is no requirement to download an entire state at once. If you want to create a list and dataset of chain stores, check Targetron now and export your list.


Most frequent questions and answers

When searching Targetron by category and business name, all subsidiaries belonging to that business can be found. The list of these subsidiaries is available for download.

A branch of a company is a separate unit or location that operates under the parent company. With Targetron, all branches of a company can be found and the dataset can be exported.

You can find parent and subsidiary companies with Targetron. Targetron allows you to find the locations of branches of all companies. Select the category, specify the location and enter the business name. All subsidiaries belonging to the parent company will be listed.