Finding Newly-Opened Bars in Florida Using Targetron

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Finding a newly opened business in a particular area using lead generation tools like the one provided by Targetron involves several steps and strategies. This article will guide us in searching for a newly opened business, such as a newly-opened bar in a specific area in the United States. We will search for bars in the State of Florida as our example.

We will use the State of Florida as our example in searching for bars in the United States because the place is best known for its attractions, beaches, theme parks, landmarks, sports, and cultural diversity, making it popular for tourists and residents.

Finding Florida Bars Targetron

Bars in Florida

Florida boasts over 8,000 miles of coastline, featuring some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, like Miami, Pensacola, and Clearwater Beach. The place is also famous for its world-renowned theme park, the nightlife at the Florida Keys, the space exploration hub at Kennedy Space Center, sports destinations with NASCAR and Daytona, cultural diversity, and natural attractions.

These are just a few of the many aspects that make Florida a remarkable and diverse state, attracting visitors worldwide, so there is a considerable chance that newly-opened businesses, like bars and restaurants, are available here, especially those that cater to tourists and travelers.

Importance of Knowing Newly-Opened Businesses

Business owners, marketers, economic development planners, and data analysts in a particular city or state need to know the data about newly opened businesses in their area of operation.

Knowing the data about newly opened businesses is a vital part of lead generation; in this instance, we will search for specific data about newly opened bars in Florida. But before we dig deeper into solutions to our problems using the Targetron database, we should first know the importance of knowing newly-opened businesses.

  1. Targeted Marketing and Sales Strategies: For businesses that provide B2B services or products, new businesses are potential new clients and customers. Having data on newly opened bars in Florida allows for targeted marketing and sales strategies.
  2. Supply Chain and Logistics Planning: For businesses involved in supply chain and logistics, knowing the emerging players in the market can help in planning and optimizing logistics and distribution networks. If you have the data of all the newly opened bars in Florida, you can utilize your data for business expansion and possible prospective customers. 
  3. Market Understanding: Understanding the types of new businesses opening in your area can give you insights into market trends and consumer preferences. This information is invaluable for adjusting your business strategy to stay competitive and relevant.
  4. Networking Opportunities: New businesses present opportunities for networking, partnerships, or collaborations. Building relationships with these businesses can lead to mutual benefits, such as cross-promotions or shared resources.
  5. Competition Analysis: If these new businesses are in the same industry as yours, they represent potential competition. Knowing about them allows you to analyze their offerings and differentiate your products or services.
  6. Local Economic Health: The rate at which new businesses open can indicate your area’s economic progress. A thriving business environment can lead to increased local spending, improved infrastructure, and more opportunities for everyone.
  7. Opportunities for Innovation and Adaptation: Seeing what new businesses do, particularly in innovation, can inspire existing firms to adapt and evolve, ensuring long-term sustainability.
  8. Community Engagement and Support: Understanding the new businesses in your area can facilitate better community engagement. Supporting local companies leads to stronger community ties and economic stability.

How to Use Targetron's Tools in Finding Newly-Opened Bars in Florida

Step 1: Open your Targetron account, proceed to the Business Directory Tab, and use the Standard Filter option. Input “Bar” in the Category Field, followed by “United States” in the Country Field and “Florida” in the State Field. You can then proceed and Click Search, and it will generate at least 10,676 results.

Step 2: Click Export Results and download the data. Using this Standard Filter method is not our purpose because we want specific results in our Search. In the standard filter option of Targetron, you try to export the raw data about the Bars in Florida, but it is not that effective because we will be downloading 10,676 results. 

Step 3: Using the Advanced Filter Option of Targetron. Just go back to the Standard Filter option or go back to Step One but with some twists. Select the drop-down Advanced Filters menu and select the date from when a particular bar in Florida was added or established. The accuracy rate of these Advanced Filters is 90%-99% as it works based on when the system found the place and not when the place was added.

Step 4: Export the Results, which is based on this data, there are 242 newly-opened bars in the State of Florida. All these bars were newly opened from December 1, 2023 up until today. After Exporting the Results, you can now download the data that produces 242 Search results, and it will cost only around $4.84 for the valuable data provided by Targetron. 


Using data from lead generation tools like Targetron that provide a list of newly opened bars in Florida can be highly beneficial for various purposes, such as market analysis, business development, marketing, and networking. The data below is part of the output and results of the query about the newly-opened bars in Florida. It includes all the necessary details like the address, phone numbers, and emails, which is useful for lead generation activities.

Results of Florida Bars in Excel

Remember, the effectiveness of these lead-generation strategies depends on the quality of the data and your ability to analyze and apply it strategically. It’s also important to approach any outreach or marketing activities with a clear understanding of the target audience’s needs and preferences.

The Advanced Filters option Targetron provides for its clients adds more value to the data supplied by the company. With the valuable data you have at hand, it will bring lots of business opportunities in the future.