Comparison Between B2B Leads Directory and Web Scraping Leads

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Business-to-business (B2B) Lead Generation is an important aspect of your business that can increase sales and revenue. At the same time, B2B lead generation is crucial for the growth and success of any business. Still, to get your leads, you must choose your sources from ready-made business directories or by using web scraping technology. We will discuss the pros and cons of using ready-made B2B directories and Web Scraping strategies to generate leads. 

A ready-made B2B Directory like Targetron is a business directory service that helps users find business data from Google Maps and other sources for business-related data. Targetron’s B2B leads directory helps users find data by providing a comprehensive and regularly updated list of places around the globe. You can have your leads without waiting and coding, which saves a lot of time.

Directory vs. Web Scraping

Outscraper, on the other hand, is a data scraping service that extracts public data directly from Google Maps. Although the data scraped is more updated than a ready-made B2B Directory like Targetron, waiting for the results will also cost you some time. However, in terms of pricing concerning the number of leads, you can save money compared to a ready-made B2B Directory website.

What is B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is the process of creating lead lists, especially for business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing. The main goal of B2B lead generation is to find potential customers. Lead Generation is the first step in the sales process. 

B2B lead generation refers to the process of identifying your ideal customers for your products or services and attracting them to buy or enticing them to use your service. Generating B2B leads is an effective way of finding new markets and companies interested in your products or services. 

Sources of B2B Leads

  • Browsing business directories
  • Collecting leads from public sources
  • Social Media Networking sites
  • Web page lead magnets
  • Giving online and offline ads
  • Company websites and blogs
  • Email marketing and cold calling
  • Events, trade shows, networking, partnerships and referrals

B2B Leads Directory vs. Web Scraping Leads

The B2B Ready-Made Leads database provides a pre-compiled collection of business contacts and information from various sources that is maintained and updated regularly by the leads directory provider. This kind of service gives users immediate access to a vast array of structured data, including industry classification, company details, and other contact information, without the need to gather the data themselves. 

Compared to Web Scraping for leads, this lead generation strategy involves using software to extract data from various web pages automatically. This method of acquiring leads allows users to collect the most current information directly from the websites in real-time. Web Scraping for leads will enable users to target specific data according to their unique needs. However, web scraping requires some technical skills to set up and manage, and you must also comply with some legal and website policy constraints. 

Benefits of Using Ready-Made B2B Lead Directories

  1. Ease of Use: B2B Leads directories are typically as user-friendly as Targetron’s, allowing easy navigation and data retrieval.
  2. Reliability: Accuracy and efficiency are of utmost importance among ready-made directories with their verified and regularly updated data.
  3. Time Efficiency: Regarding time efficiency, nothing beats ready-made directories like Targetron. Users can access pre-compiled, organized information that saves significant time compared to manual data collection. 
  4. Easy Integration: Directories can be easily integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enhancing marketing and sales processes. 
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Directories reduce the resources a company needs, especially regarding in-house data gathering and analysis.
  6. Market Insights: Directories like Targetron could provide a comprehensive insight into industry trends, competitor analysis, and potential customer profiles. 

Challenges and Limitations of Ready-Made B2B Lead Directories

  1. Lack of Customization: Some ready-made B2B lead directories may not be tailored to specific business needs, limiting their effectiveness for targeted marketing strategies. Targetron solved this challenge using Advanced Filter options catering to particular business needs.
  2. Generic Data: Most B2B directories use generic data, or the information they provide might be too general, lacking the substance required for certain operational needs.
  3. Outdated Information: Some directories are not always updated in real-time, leading to unusable contact details or business information. 
  4. High Cost: Some high-quality directories might be expensive, especially for small businesses or startups. 
  5. Reliance on Data Provider: In some B2B directories, data quality relies heavily on the provider’s diligence in maintaining accurate and comprehensive information. Targetron’s partner site, Outscraper, a well-known web-scraping platform, ensures that the data on our directory is constantly updated regularly. 

Benefits of Using Web Scraping Technology

  1. Real-Time Data: Web scraping technologies like Outscraper ensure access to the most current data, which is essential for maintaining the accuracy of B2B leads.
  2. Automated Data Collection: Web scraping automates the extraction of vast data from websites, saving time and resources compared to manual data collection. 
  3. Scalability: Web scraping enables businesses to quickly scale their lead generation efforts, adapting to new markets or customer segments.
  4. Enhanced Targeting: Gathering detailed information on potential leads is allowed on web scraping. It will provide potential leads with data available, such as the industry, company size, and key contacts, for more personalized and enhanced targeting. 
  5. Cost-Effective: Web scraping provides a cost-effective way to obtain large datasets, reducing expensive purchasing. 

Challenges and Limitations of Web Scraping

  1. Technical Barriers: Some websites often use anti-scraping technologies, making it difficult to extract data successfully, but Outscraper solved this problem. 
  2. Resource Intensive: Web scraping is resource intensive as managing large volumes of data and ensuring its relevance can require significant resources.
  3. Data Accuracy: Some scraped data might need to be updated or corrected, so to address this challenge, Outscraper uses advanced technologies to search for more than one data source. 
  4. Maintenance: Web scraping scripts require regular updates to adapt to website layouts and structure changes before obtaining the data. 
  5. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Web scraping data can infringe on privacy laws and terms of service of every website used as a data source. 

Comparative Analysis Between B2B Leads and Web Scraping Leads

Depending on your business needs, you can choose between ready-made B2B lead directories and web scraping. Ready-made directories are user-friendly, reliable, and time-efficient, providing quick access to verified and organized data. They integrate easily with CRM systems but may need more customization and occasionally have outdated information. 

On the other hand, web scraping offers real-time data and flexibility, allowing businesses to gather detailed information tailored to specific targets. However, it requires technical know-how, regular maintenance, and careful legal and ethical boundary navigation. 

Each method has its merits, and choosing the right one depends on your specific requirements for cost, accuracy, and customization.


B2B Lead Generation is very important in the sales and marketing industry or any business aiming to increase sales and revenue. It is also crucial for business growth. To generate leads for your business, you can either choose ready-made B2B directories or use web scraping technology. We understood the functions of ready-made directories, their importance and challenges, and the pros and cons of using web scraping tools in our lead-generation efforts. 

Now that we understand the benefits of using ready-made directories compared to web scraping tools and the challenges and limitations of directories and web scraping tools, it is up to us to decide which to choose because it will always depend on how the tools meet our specific requirements. 

What are you waiting for? Use Targetron as your B2B Lead Generation directory, or sign up for Outscraper, a web scraping tool, for your lead generation strategies.

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A lead database is a list of business contacts within a particular niche, category, or industry. It contains emails, phone numbers, and other marketing information.

A sales lead database is a list of business emails and phone numbers that sales can use for cold outreach.

You can use this directory of up-to-date leads.

B2B Sales Leads Database contains data from many sources that are publicly available on the internet but gathered together in once place. Filter your ideal customers by industry, locations, and export lead generation database to start outreaching.