Accelerating Growth: Targetron’s Revolutionary Method for Finding Newly-Opened Restaurants in the US

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Finding Newly-Opened Restaurants in the US

Finding a list of new businesses in the United States, particularly in the Restaurant service industry, can be very challenging but can be achieved through various methods and sources. There are several approaches that you can consider, but most of these approaches are time-consuming. One of the leading Business-to-Business lead generation service providers like Targetron can provide you with a list of new restaurants in the United States quickly.

Newly Opened Restaurant

According to the US National Restaurant Association, the restaurant and food service industry will continue to grow in 2024. Restaurant sales are forecast to top $1 trillion for the first time. The restaurant industry is also the nation’s second-largest private sector employer, which could add to another 200,000 jobs with a total employment force of 15.7 million people.

Finding newly open businesses in the community may be a matter of keeping an eye on potential competitors. Still, one of the interesting parts is that new businesses like restaurants can translate into new customers if you have a print shop, office supply store, legal services, restaurant equipment, and source of ingredients.

The list of newly open restaurants is essential in any business because it is part of the marketing list that includes important contact information that helps you connect with companies that have recently got a business license and might need your products and services. The list is vital in your lead generation strategies as you can easily beat your competitors, reach these new businesses first, and start doing projects with a new lifelong customer.

Types of Businesses or Individuals Who Can Benefit from Getting a List of New Restaurants

In finding the list of new restaurants, there are some businesses or individuals that can benefit, such as the following:

  • Website Designers
  • Accountants & Payroll
  • Services
  • IT Development
  • Banking
  • Telecommunication
  • Services
  • Cleaners
  • Marketing Services
  • Ad Agencies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Real Estate Managers
  • Office Furniture
  • Web development
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • Health care
  • Legal services
  • Nonprofits

Finding Newly-Opened Restaurants Using the Traditional Methods

Finding newly-opened restaurants using traditional methods is challenging, despite the advent of the internet. Still, we should analyze these methods to realize the importance of using a tool to make our lives easier.

Here’s the Traditional Methods of Searching

  • Local Chamber of Commerce and Associations: The US and almost every country worldwide have their local chamber of commerce or business associations with a list or directories of new businesses, including restaurants; we can directly inquire from them. 
  • Online Local Business Directories: Online directories and websites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Zomato could provide business listings, including newly-opened restaurants. 
  • Google Maps: Using mapping services like Google Maps can provide you with the data of “Recently Opened” restaurants in your area. 
  • Restaurant Groups & Associations: Associations in the restaurant businesses may provide resources or directories of new restaurant businesses. 
  • Review Sites and Food Blogs: Restaurant reviewers and food bloggers often feature a new restaurant opening in their articles or posts, which could be an excellent source for acquiring the list of newly-opened restaurants. 
  • Industry-Specific Publications: Industry-specific websites and publications like Restaurant Business, QSR Magazine, or Nation’s Restaurant News often feature news and articles about new restaurant openings and trends in the food service industry.
  • Social Media Platforms: Restaurants have their social media pages, and they announce their grand openings or updates on social media platforms. Using location-based hashtags can help you discover new restaurant openings in your area.

Reasons Why It Is Hard to Find Newly-Opened Restaurants

Finding newly opened restaurants in the United States can sometimes take time due to several factors. The restaurant industry is highly competitive, especially in the United States, with new establishments constantly opening and some existing businesses closing their operations.

  • Poor Location and Online Visibility: Some new restaurants may not always have strong online visibility or marketing efforts, making it harder to discover. 
  • Zoning and Regulations Laws: Local regulations and zoning laws can impact newly-opened restaurants, contributing to the difficulty of finding new restaurants.
  • Limited Advertising Budgets: Many newly opened restaurants operate on tight budgets and may need more resources for advertising or promotion. 
  • Lack of Centralized Information: There is no single source of information for new restaurant openings, unlike industries with centralized databases or directories. 
  • Changing Trends and Dynamic Nature of Restaurant Business: Dining trends have constantly evolved over the past few years, and it can be challenging to keep up with these changes and identify new restaurants. Restaurants often close and open due to changing consumer demand, economic conditions, and operation challenges, so it is difficult to maintain an up-to-date list of new restaurants. 

Despite these challenges, there are still several ways to discover new restaurants, including leveraging online resources, following local food blogs and social media accounts, attending food events, and exploring neighborhoods known for their dining scenes

Importance of Using Targetron in Finding Newly Opened Restaurants

Now that we have an idea of the status of the restaurant industry in the United States and its possible growth, we need to have some strategies to take advantage of this opportunity in the restaurant industry.

Finding newly opened restaurants in a traditional way is very time-consuming and inconvenient, so we need to use some tools to help us solve this kind of problem. Once we can use tools like the one provided by Targetron, saving time is just one of the benefits you will have.

A comprehensive list will be provided with Targetron’s aggregated data from various sources, such as local business listings, social media platforms, review websites, and other public sources. Targetron’s targeted data could impact your lead generation strategies, and you can focus on using and analyzing the data.

Targetron’s geotargeting technology can identify users’ locations and recommend newly opened restaurants. You can also use your email marketing strategies efficiently by building a database of interested customers to send targeted email newsletters highlighting newly opened restaurants.

How to Find Newly Opened Restaurants Using Targetron

Finding newly-opened restaurants has never been easier today; using Targetron’s B2B Local Business Directory could help us find quality leads that could benefit our business. In this tutorial, we will show you how easy it is to find newly opened restaurants in Texas.

We will collect data on newly opened restaurants that started their operations on January 01, 2024.

  1. Sign up for an account with Targetron if you don’t have one yet. If you already have an account, proceed to your profile and select Business Directory. You can then choose the Business Category like Restaurant, the Country, and the State.
  2.  Select the Advanced Filters in the next step, and you will find different attributes of your search query. We will focus only on the listing of New Restaurant businesses in Texas. We selected the date, January 1, 2024, when the new restaurant opened.Newly opened Restaurant 
  3. Search for the results that will give you about 776 results. You can export the data by clicking the “Export Results” button and selecting the amount you must pay. In this case, the data costs  $7.76.Newly Opened Restaurant
  4. A pop-up will appear during the downloading process, showing the file type and the download link’s expiry date. You can share the download links of the results with your trusted friends, but there’s an expiration date. We also advise you not to close the browser while downloading. New Restaurants
  5. The data from Targetron regarding the newly-opened restaurants includes the Display Name, Type of Restaurant, Exact Address, Phone Numbers, Email, Websites, Social Media Accounts, Company Rating, Restaurant Photos, Ratings, Reviews, Business Status, Business Owners, Working Hours, Service Options like Takeout and Deliveries, and many more relevant information about restaurant.New Restaurants


In conclusion, while finding a list of new businesses, particularly in the restaurant service industry in the United States, can be challenging and time-consuming, leveraging tools like Targetron, a leading Business-to-Business lead generation service provider, can expedite the process significantly. The restaurant industry in the US is poised for continued growth, with forecasts predicting sales exceeding $1 trillion and significant job creation.

Obtaining a list of newly opened restaurants is crucial for various businesses, providing valuable marketing opportunities and potential new clientele. Traditional methods of finding new restaurants involve local chambers of commerce, online directories, review sites, and social media platforms. However, these methods may need to be more efficient due to the dynamic nature of the restaurant business and the need for more centralized information.

However, tools like Targetron offer a solution by aggregating data from various sources and providing targeted recommendations through advanced filters and geotargeting technology. With Targetron, businesses can streamline their lead generation strategies and efficiently connect with newly opened restaurants, tapping into a lucrative market opportunity in the promising US restaurant industry.


Most frequent questions and answers

1. Go to the Targetron Platform.

2. Select categories and locations.

3. Click search, and export to get the data.

Local business directory is a list of businesses within a particular niche, category, or industry.

B2B data is the information used to help sales and marketing. This includes a database of company details, emails, phones, social links, and other useful information.