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Targetron’s Unique Pricing Solution for Lead Generation Service

The leading Business-to-Business (B2B) Leads Directory service provider, Targetron, released an updated pricing with a Free Tier for the first 50 businesses generated. The Targetron pricing is unique because there is no monthly subscription fee or recurring billing. You only pay for the data as much as you use it. 

Targetron Pricing

Targetron’s unique value proposition lies in its innovative approach to targeted marketing automation and B2B lead generation. What Targetron sets apart from other B2B lead generation service providers aside from the accuracy of the data is that they understand the problems they are solving. 

The B2B Leads Directory service from Targetron allows you to search for contacts among millions of local businesses worldwide, and the best part of this data is it’s constantly updated. You can find emails, phones, addresses, and other relevant information about your ideal customers. With the data from Targetron, you can create lead databases for your marketing campaigns, but before proceeding to the unique selling point of Targetron, let us discuss how they solved some lead generation problems. 

Lead Generation Problems Solved by Targetron

Targetron Problem Solving

One of the most common problems among businesses is finding leads or potential customers, and it is part of any company’s growth strategy because lead generation is necessary for progress. Leads generation process is always challenging, but Targetron is here to solve these problems. Listed below are the problems being solved by Targetron.

  1. Low-Quality Leads: Businesses may need help to generate leads that are genuinely interested in their products or services, resulting in wasted time and resources on unqualified prospects. Targetron’s data targets the leads based on the client’s needs. 
  2. High Acquisition Costs: Acquiring leads can be costly, mainly if businesses rely on paid advertising or other expensive marketing tactics, which could eat into profits. With Targetron’s impressive price of only $0.001/per lead from 500,000 to 5 million leads, it’s the lowest in the market. 
  3. Lack of Data Insights: Without access to comprehensive data and analytics, businesses may not understand their target audience’s needs and preferences, and it’s challenging to create a targeted and effective lead-generation strategy.
  4. Difficulty Scaling: Scaling lead generation efforts can be difficult, especially for growing businesses. Limited resources and outdated processes may hinder their ability to reach a broader audience.
  5. Competition and Saturation: In crowded lead generation markets, businesses may find it challenging to stand out and capture the attention of potential leads amidst fierce competition and saturation, so it is essential to have targeted data.
  6. Ineffective Follow-Up: Businesses may need help to effectively follow up with leads and nurture them through the sales funnel, resulting in missed opportunities and lost revenue. With Targetron’s round-the-clock customer service agents, you’re always in good hands. 
  7. Integration Challenges: Integrating lead generation tools and systems with existing CRM or marketing automation platforms can be complex and time-consuming, leading to data silos and inefficiencies, but with Targetron’s easy-to-integrate data, it is a priceless solution for integration.
  8. Measuring ROI: Businesses may need help to accurately measure their lead generation efforts’ return on investment (ROI), making it difficult to justify spending and optimize strategies for better results. With the cost-effective, accurate, and updated data from Targetron, you can measure your ROI quickly. 
  9. Data Privacy and Compliance: Targetron consistently complies with all the data privacy regulations and adheres to legal requirements. 

Targetron’s unique approach to addressing businesses’ pain points and solving the common problems in lead generation shines among its competitors. The B2B leads directory service provider solved the common problems easily, even though it requires implementing efficient lead generation processes, leveraging data-driven insights, adopting automation and technology solutions, and focusing on providing value to prospects throughout the customer journey.

Benefits of B2B Leads Directory Service Like Targetron in Lead Generation

Targetron Sales

Using a Business-to-Business Leads Directory Service like Targetron in lead generation is very beneficial among companies needing help scaling up their operations or using the leads they acquire. With Targetron’s proven, effective, and updated data, you will surely reap the benefits of scaling up your business.

  1. Access to Targeted Leads: B2B leads directory services like Targetron provide access to a database of pre-qualified leads within specific industries or niches, allowing businesses to target their ideal customers more effectively.
  2. Quality Assurance: Targetron’s B2B leads directory services verify and update their databases regularly, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the leads provided. 
  3. Scalability: Targetron’s services can scale with the needs of businesses, providing access to a large volume of leads as they grow and expand their operations.
  4. Time and Cost Efficient: Businesses can save time and cost instead of manually sourcing leads online using Targetron’s B2B leads directory to quickly identify potential prospects that match their criteria.
  5. Data Insights: Targetron offers additional data insights and analytics on leads, such as company size, revenue, or recent activities, helping businesses better understand their target audience and tailor their messaging accordingly.
  6. Increased Reach: B2B leads directory services like Targetron has extensive databases with leads from various countries and industries, enabling businesses to expand their reach and target new markets. 
  7. Customization and Filtering: Businesses can customize their search criteria and apply advanced filters to narrow their results based on specific demographics, industries, categories, or other criteria, allowing for more targeted and personalized lead-generation efforts.
  8. Easy to Integrate with CRM: B2B leads directory services from Targetron offer integration with popular CRM systems, allowing businesses to seamlessly import leads into their existing workflows and streamline their lead management processes.

Using a B2B leads directory service like Targetron in lead generation enables businesses to access targeted, high-quality leads efficiently, increase their reach, and optimize their lead generation efforts for better results.

Targetron’s Pricing

Now that we understand the problems being solved by Targetron’s B2B leads directory service, the benefits of using this service, and its unique value proposition, we will discuss the latest offer from the company regarding its pricing model. 

Targetron considered the following approach to its pricing model: it highlights its unique value proposition and how it stands out from competitors. The B2B service demonstrates the benefits by addressing the customer’s needs or pain points. Targetron also shared testimonials, reviews, and case studies as we offer strong guarantees or warranties to mitigate the perceived risk for customers. 

Here’s Targetron’s Pricing Model

  1. Free Tier: Having a free tier for Targetron’s products offers several important benefits, such as customer acquisition, user engagement, market penetration, feedback and iteration, upsell opportunities, competitive advantage, and, of course, brand awareness and loyalty. 
  2. No Monthly Subscription: This pricing model has many advantages because there are no recurring payments and pay-as-you-go for the data you use. This model will have flexibility, cost-effectiveness, transparency, scalability, lower barriers to entry, and ease of budgeting. It will be an attractive option for many businesses and consumers alike. 
  3. Money-Back Guarantee: Offering a money-back guarantee with a three-day refund policy provides several important benefits for customers and businesses. It could lead to customer confidence, reduced risk, increased conversations, customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and competitive advantage.

Having a Free Tier, no monthly fees, and a money-back guarantee with a three-day refund policy is vital. It builds trust, reduces risk, increases conversions, promotes customer satisfaction, enhances brand reputation, and provides a competitive advantage for businesses.

Don’t Miss This Free Tier Opportunity, Join Targetron Today!

Join Targetron Today and avail of the Free Tier with no monthly payment to access advanced data analytics, helping you achieve your marketing goals without financial commitment. Don’t be left behind; enjoy the benefits from cost-saving, flexibility, and ease of use while maximizing lead generation, customer engagement, and Return on Investments with Targetron’s platform. 

Money-Back Guarantee
We offer a full refund within 3 days after the purchase in case Targetron's solutions didn't work for you.
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