How to Use Targetron’s Advanced Filters When Searching for Los Angeles City Restaurant

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Using Targetron's Advanced Filters in Restaurant Lead Generation

Targetron's Advanced Filters

Restaurant lead generation is challenging for business owners not yet using lead generation services such as the B2B Lead Generation tools provided by Targetron. In this article, we will be featuring how to operate the Advanced Filters inside the Targetron app, which could help search for restaurant leads.

Restaurant lead generation is a process of identifying potential business owners, decision-makers, and marketers in the restaurant industry and converting them into potential leads who are interested in paying for your products or services.

In any business, one of the main objectives is to acquire highly targeted leads. Using Targetron’s service, lead generation in the Restaurant industry helps you sell your products and services, build potential relationships with prospective customers, and identify the best-qualified restaurant leads for your business.

Importance of Restaurant Leads

Restaurant leads are people working in the industry and have the power to make decisions for the business. Upon identifying these people with the use of Targetron’s database, they can help you boost your business. Owners, managers, and decision makers of restaurants are our leads, and we should treat them well. Targetron’s database helps us list prospects interested in buying our product or service.

If you are part of a marketing agency or a digital marketing service owner, you can use your existing customer database to generate new leads. You must invest in and use a reliable B2B leads database like Targetron for restaurant lead generation when new to the business.

Buying restaurant leads from a trusted B2B lead generation tools service provider is the fastest and most affordable way to generate prospects or leads for your business and lead generation search.

In our previous article about restaurant lead generation strategies, we shared with you the easiest way to acquire leads using Targetron. Tha’s not the only feature of the service because, we will share with you how to operate the Advanced Features of Targetron to turn your restaurant lead generation into a more effective and exciting way of searching leads.

How to Use the Advanced Filters of Targetron

1. Log in to your Targetron account, ensure you have enough balance, and proceed to the Business Directory Tab of the application.

2. Choose your category; in this field, you enter “Restaurant,” select “United States” as your country, select “California” as the state, and select “Los Angeles” in the City field. If you want to specify a County or District, you can do so, but for this tutorial, we will leave the “County or District” field and proceed to click the “Search” button.

3. After clicking the “Search” button, the Targetron app works in the background and will give you specific results for all the Los Angeles City, California restaurants. Based on the Search results, there are around 4,703 restaurants in Los Angeles, California alone. These results will feature specific data such as the restaurant’s Website, Address, Phone Numbers, Emails, and many more details needed in your lead generation strategies. Take note with Targetron, we will keep on adding data to this existing search results.

The results, when exported, will give you more data about the restaurants you are looking for. However, if you want a specific or targeted query, you can use the advanced features of Targetron. That’s why it is called Targetron: the results are targeted for your particular needs.

4. Using the Advanced Filters of Targetron. The Advance Filters of Targetron offer a targeted and specific search query to satisfy our customer’s experience with an easy-to-use interface. You can search the Advanced Filters by using Business Name, Status, Email, Preferred Contacts, Phone Numbers, Websites, Price, Ratings, Reviews, Postal Code, Date Added, Physical Location, and Attributes, and you can also Exclude some data in your Search.

Targetron's Burger King

A. Searching for Business Name: For example, if you are looking for Burger King in Los Angeles, California, just input “Burger King” and click Search. It will give you at least 34 Burger King branches in Los Angeles, California. You can then export the results and download the file.

B. Search All or select the Operational, Temporary, Closed, and Permanently Closed restaurant businesses in the Business Status field.
C. You can choose “At least with one” or “Without Email” in the Email field, but most Targetron data have verified and working email which is very helpful in your lead generation strategies.

Targetron's Email
D. You can select your Preferred Contacts in this field featuring the Decision Makers, Influencers, Procurement or Purchasing department, Technical, Finance, Operations, Marketing, and Sales. In this field, you can directly contact the people involved in any company as your potential customers.

Targetron Preffered Contact

Listed below are the remaining fields and suggested inputs:

E. Phone: At least with one/Without phone/Enter Number
F. Website: With Website/Without Website/Enter Domain
G. Price: $/$$/$$$/$$$$
H. Rating: 2+/3+/4+/4.5+ Less or Equal 1.5-/2-
I. Reviews: No Reviews/1-10/10-100/100-1000 Greater or Equal 10 and more/100 and more
J. Postal Code:
K. Added From: Select Date
L. Exclude:
M. Attributes:
O. Physical Location:

How to Use the Data Gathered from Targetron

Lead generation is a challenging task in the restaurant business industry, and it takes work to convert leads into paying customers. Still, there are some tips you could apply so that you can use your data effectively.

1. Understand and qualify your leads by knowing your prospect’s goals and why they’re interested in your products or services offered.

2. Ensure you’re talking to the right people and offering them the right services. One of the most potent lead-generation tips is knowing what your customers want and how to keep them engaged.

3. You must have a clear and concise message when talking with your prospects through email marketing or cold calling.

4. After getting the restaurant leads, you must include a call-to-action at the end of every email and every cold call.

5. If you have the prospects, don’t make them wait; give them a reason to keep reading, and if they need more information, let them know that, and don’t hesitate to ask when they can expect a follow-up email or phone call.

6. Lastly, keep track of all your restaurant leads; not keeping track of all the leads is considered one of the biggest mistakes in the industry.

The results file above is from our Advanced Filter strategy of searching for a specific restaurant in Los Angeles, California that is operational but without their own website. Filtering who to contact with and selected the restaurants’ decision-makers will bring prospects, if I have my own web publishing company. Collecting their emails and phone numbers will be easier in the next steps of offering a Web designer service. The data provided by Targetron could bring greater opportunity in growing a business in the restaurant industry. 

Targetron’s B2B lead generation strategies, especially in the restaurant industry, have been proven effective in increasing sales and gaining more clients for your business. This lead generation company has many use-cases that you can apply in any industry you are interested with.

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1. Go to the Targetron Platform.

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3. Click search, and export to get the data.

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