How Can Targetron Help Clients Get More Positive Reviews?

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What are Product Reviews?

Product reviews are evaluations or assessments of a product written by customers or professional reviewers. In any business, customer reviews should be valued as they provide insights into a product’s quality, functionality, and overall value.

With Targetron’s tools, we can help our clients get more positive reviews from their businesses by using data from companies with bad reviews and using those data as the baseline to improve their products and services.


Who are the People Conducting Reviews?

Product reviews involve evaluation and assessment from your customers or professional reviewers.

  1. Customer Reviews: Customer reviews often involve user experiences written by individuals who have purchased or used the product. This is one of the most common online reviews, as customers share personal experiences, opinions, and observations. Customer reviews also provide ratings, allowing customers to express their level of satisfaction quickly. They also provide feedback on usability, durability, performance, and value for money. It also involved some dependency on the platform where the reviews came from.
  1. Professional reviewers: These reviewers provide expert analysis and offer a more in-depth analysis of the product or services. They provide a comprehensive evaluation that includes detailed testing of features, comparisons with similar products, and objective assessment of performance by the products or services. Most professional reviews are published in magazines, blogs, YouTube Channels, and specialized review websites.

Importance of Product Reviews

Product Reviews are very important no matter what types of reviews they are, whether they are text, video, or photo reviews; businesses should take some time to study the reviews given to them by their users or the reviews from professional reviewers.

Here’s Some of the Reasons Why Product Reviews are very important:

  • Buying Decisions: Product reviews significantly influence consumer buying decisions. Reviews offer credibility and are often sought after by potential buyers before making a purchase.
  • Enhanced Consumer Trust: Positive reviews can enhance trust in a product, brand, or service, while negative reviews can warn customers about potential issues before buying the product or availing of the service provided.
  • Feedback for Companies: Reviews will provide companies with feedback on their products, helping them to understand customer needs and areas for improvement.

Aside from the importance of product reviews, we should also acknowledge that there are challenges involved in reviews, such as authenticity concerns, subjectivity, overwhelming information, and sometimes conflicting opinions.

How to Use Targetron’s Data on Negative Reviews to Get Positive Reviews

After the discussion regarding Customer Reviews and their importance in the success of any business, we will be using the data from Targetron, particularly the data on companies receiving poor reviews. Below are the procedures for retrieving the data of companies with poor reviews.

Cafe ReviewsStep 1: Open your Targetron account and use the Business Directory Tab. Fill in the Category Field, followed by Country and State, and don’t click the Search Field yet. But, if you want to have a preview of possible results, you can click the Search bar based on your Category. We used the Cafe Category and searched the database for all the Cafes in Texas, United States.Reviews Advanced

Step 2: The main purpose of this article is to find all the Cafes with low ratings, so we should proceed and use the Advanced Filters option. Click the Advanced Filter option, and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the Reviews option and click the lowest number in the list.

Cafe Reviews Results

Step 3: Search and Export the results based on the data we seek inside the Targetron App. Based on the data provided by Targetron, a total of cafes in Texas had no reviews or had a lower review compared to their competitors.

Now that we can determine the list of cafes with bad or low reviews, and even those cafes without reviews, we can apply some techniques to use the data in favor of your potential clients in the cafe business industry.

How to Get Positive Customer Reviews & Get People to Write Reviews

Cafe Results

Having the valuable data from Targetron, we can now proceed to some suggestions on how to get positive customer reviews and get people to write reviews.

    1. Offer exceptional products or services.
    2. Ask for Reviews by directly asking your customers to leave reviews. You can do this via email, SMS, and in person.
    3. Provide easily accessible platforms and a simple process for customers to leave reviews.
    4. Follow-up communications will be done via email or in person.
    5. Offer incentives like discounts or loyalty points to encourage reviews.
    6. Engage with existing reviews by responding and giving thanks to all reviewers.
    7. Highlight social proofs by showcasing positive reviews on your website, social media, and marketing materials.


Most frequent questions and answers

1. Go to the Targetron Platform.

2. Select categories and locations.

3. Click search, and export to get the data.